There may also be hepatic encephalopathy. Skin and skin appendages : alopecia often develops. Hair regrowth begins after the completion of drug treatment or even during long-term treatment; hair may vary in their structure and color. Sometimes during primobolan results the treatment of a rash on the skin, pigmentation of the skin and nail changes. From the urinary system : Hemorrhagic urethritis / cystitis, renal tubular necrosis (until death), fibrosis of the bladder (including common) with a concomitant cystitis or without him. The urine may be detected by atypical epithelial cells of the bladder. When high doses of cyclophosphamide in rare cases, there may be impairment of renal function, hyperuricemia, nephropathy associated with increased formation of uric acid. Infections : in patients with severe immunosuppression may develop serious infections. On the side cardiovascular system : cardiotoxicity is observed at high doses of primobolan results of the drug for several days, usually as part of an intensive antitumor combination drug therapy or during organ transplantation. It is noted severe and sometimes fatal episodes of congestive heart failure caused by hemorrhagic myocarditis. The respiratory system : interstitial pulmonary fibrosis (when administered at high doses for a long time). Reproductive system : violation of oogenesis and spermatogenesis. The drug can cause sterility what is premabolin in both men and women, which in some cases can be irreversible.

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A significant portion of women develop amenorrhea, regular menstruation is usually recovered within a few months after stopping treatment. In girls, as a result of treatment with cyclophosphamide during the prepubertal period, the secondary sexual characteristics develop normally and menstruation were normal; later they were able to conceive. In men, as a result of treatment, may develop oligospermia or azoospermia associated with increased gonadotropin levels in normal secretion of testosterone. Sexual desire and potency in these patients is not violated. In boys, during drug biomex labs treatment in prepubertal, secondary sex, symptoms develop normally, however, can primobolan results be marked oligospermia or azoospermia, and increased secretion of gonadotropins. There may be varying degrees of testicular atrophy. Some patients with azoospermia due to a drug is reversible, but the restoration of impaired function may occur only a few years after stopping treatment. Allergic reactions : skin rash, hives, itchy skin, rarely -anafilakticheskie reaction; possible cross-sensitivity with other alkylating compounds. Other : a syndrome similar to the syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone (ADH); rush of blood to the skin of the face or facial flushing, headache, increased sweating; development of secondary malignancies.

Overdose A specific antidote to an overdose of the drug is unknown. In cases of overdose should be used to support measures including appropriate primobolan results treatment of infections, manifestations of myelosuppression and / or cardiotoxicity.