To remove the regression of symptoms is recommended dose of cyclosporin 2.5 mg / kg, divided into 2 doses. If a month no improvement of skin condition can gradually increase the dose to 1 mg / kg to a maximum of 5 mg / kg, divided into two separate reception. At primobolan cycle repeat treatment dose is to be minimally effective.
If at a dose of 5 mg / kg every 6 weeks, no significant improvement occurs, it is necessary to cancel the drug.

Nephrotic syndrome:
For removal of regressive symptoms of nephrotic syndrome is recommended to use a dose of not more than 5 mg / kg for adults and no greater than 6 mg / kg in children older than 1 year, divided into 2 separate reception under normal kidney function. For patients with impaired renal function (creatinine level in blood serum above 200 mmol / l in adults and 140 umol / L in children are contraindications), the initial dose of cyclosporine should not exceed 2.5 mg / kg.
The level of a therapeutically effective concentrations of cyclosporine in the blood is from 60 to 160 ng / ml. Check the level of concentration must first, as far as possible, every day, and then -. Every 2 weeks
during the first 3 months of treatment should regularly monitor the level of serum creatinine (normal renal function – every primobolan cycle 2 weeks, when broken – weekly). With a stable level of creatinine can control this value with an interval of 2 months.
If a patient has severe liver dysfunction should be reduced starting dose of cyclosporine by 25 -. 50%
for patients resistant to glucocorticosteroids nephrotic syndrome, if the effectiveness of cyclosporine is not enough, we recommend the combination of cyclosporine with low doses of corticosteroids.
If after 3 months of treatment with cyclosporine is symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, the drug should be discontinued therapy.

Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis:
The first 6 weeks of therapy recommended dose of cyclosporine 2.5 mg / kg divided into 2 doses. In that case, if the drug is poorly tolerated, the dose can be reduced. Further dosage is determined individually depending on the clinical primobolan cycle course of the disease and tolerability and should be minimally effective. Do not exceed a daily dose of 4 mg / kg. In extreme cases, may increase the dose of cyclosporin to 5 mg / kg.
Cyclosporin may be administered in combination with low-dose corticosteroids and / or with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
The treatment up to 12 weeks.

Severe form of atopic dermatitis:
To remove the picture of acute disease, a dose of cyclosporine 2.5 mg / kg, divided into 2 separate reception. If after 2 weeks there is no significant improvement, it is necessary to increase the dose of cyclosporine to a maximum of 5 mg / kg.
In a few extreme cases require the use of an initial dose of cyclosporine 5 mg / kg. When the need to improve the gradual reduction in dose.
The course of treatment duration of 8 weeks may be sufficient to cleanse the skin, but it has been shown that treatment for up to 1 year primobolan cycle, effective and well tolerated, provided the compulsory monitoring of all necessary parameters.

How to use:
The capsules primobolan cycle hexane should be always one and the same time of the day during a meal.
The daily dose should always be divided into 2 separate reception.
The capsules should be taken without chewing, washing down with water.
Do not take the capsules with grapefruit juice.